3D HydroMatrix Color Splash Water
3D HydroMatrix Color Splash Water

3D HydroMatrix

Water, Light, Motion and Shape in perfect Harmony


3D HydroMatrix opens up never been there design possibilities. For the first time pixel accurate videos and pictures can be combined with a third dimension, by using the height of a water fountain.

The minimal pitch between the LED
water fountains allows you to realize you creative ideas.


Geometrical figures, numbers or letters as well animated 3D logos or flights through fantastic landscapes made from water and light offer borderless, interactive options.
Water and light, combined as 3D sculptures, interacting in a never been there way with the audience.


Any individual design is easy realizable through the flexible configuration as single- or in-line arrangement, as star or as area covering matrix.
Easy startup by auto-addressing and –calibration is naturally as well as simple programming. 3D HydroMatrix includes all
components necessary for operation.


Using 24V low voltage and only highest
quality materials, safe and durable operation is guaranteed, even under challenging, sophisticated environmental conditions.

• 3D HydroMatrix •

Miniaturized, flexible and scalable
Design platform, designed for high-quality exclusive attractions.
Made in Germany
Patent pending: 10 2016 106 227.8

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